Can Ramonet is a 16th-century farmhouse, located in the Garraf Natural Park, formed by 5 houses and with more than one hectare of vineyards dedicated to visitors. It is an ideal place for families or groups and we believe it is important that those who come in Can Ramonet, whether you want to spend a holiday or a celebration or event, get to know the environment in which we find ourselves.

The Garraf area is an area with a Mediterranean climate and rainfall is rare but torrential. The typical vegetation is dense scrub which dominates the kermes oak and the mastic and where grows the Palm. The landscape therefore is quite rugged and along with the fact that the House is in a rural land, makes us adopt a series of measures of sustainability that we have the maximum respect for the environment and the anteposem sometimes, the demands of potential customers.


In Can Ramonet we try that the stay is made with the utmost respect for the landscape that surrounds us. In this regard we urge visitors to the same respect and the work we do in the House.


Can Ramonet has adopted a series of measures with the aim of saving water. These measures are absolutely necessary to the Garraf region given the low rainfall. These measures are characterized by: – Incorporation of download interruption device in toilets. – Reuse of greywater (bath and shower) for its use in toilet cisterns. – Rain collection and water chlorination for human consumption. – Biological purification and separation of fats for cooking and water the rest of devices and subsequent reuse for irrigation of the garden. – Taking advantage of the native vegetation for the garden.


Can Ramonet makes an important commitment to energy saving. So, In addition to taking advantage of the important effect of insulating the walls of more than 60 cm from the exterior, has proceeded to insulate the roof of the entire area restored. The Windows have wooden shutters in order to improve their isolation. In addition to, the domestic hot water and heating are generated primarily through solar thermal energy.


The materials used in the restoration of the House are mostly the result of reuse of existing materials in the building. The rest are materials that try to respect the unique architecture of the building and the area, with an integration in the landscape. In addition to, We have initiated a programme of recovery of tools and machinery to show the activity that was carried out in the farmhouse.


Can Ramonet has containers where separate the waste they put, as glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, BRICS, cans and organic matter. Soon we will begin the treatment of organic waste to make compost. It also includes any other type of waste such as batteries or paintings, they are transported to the civic amenity site that Sant Pere de Ribes has in Roquetes. In case you have a product or packaging toxic or unknown, so just let us know and we will take it to the civic amenity site.


Apart from the noise of the agricultural machinery, in Can Ramonet we try to minimize the noise; We all need to ensure that it is well, even during the celebrations.


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